Challenging Behaviour

Challenging Behaviour and Breakaway Techniques


Course description

Challenging Behaviour and Breakaway Techniques:

Carers and their clients sometimes come into conflict. Learn how to maintain your safety whilst also protecting your client. This course is delivered in your workplace to a group of up to 15 learners. Sufficient room must be provided to allow learners space to practice breakaway techniques.

Aims & Benefits Of the Course:
This one-day duration course combines the knowledge of challenging behaviour and the triggers as well as teaching the breakaway techniques and practising them (repeatedly until they become an automatic reflex).
The course teaches just a few effective techniques that are simple to use and as safe as possible for both ‘you’ and the ‘client’. The techniques are easy to learn and (in many cases) can be used in a variety of different situations. Indeed, ONE technique that you will learn on this course can be used equally effectively against a grab, a shove, a punch and a strangle.

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Product Description

Course Content:

* Level of threat and level of response – using the minimum degree of force to ensure your safety and the safety of the client.
* Your body – where it hurts – How to recognise the obvious and not-so-obvious places where you can be attacked.
* The client’s body – where it should be – How to keep a safe distance between you and the client, and what you can do when physical contact is required.
* The basic breakaway strategy – What is the simplest thing you can do to breakaway from an assault?
* The importance of the spoken word.
* The importance of disengagement.
* The importance of situational awareness:-
* People; Places; Furniture.
* Common assaults and breakaway methods:-
* Hand Grab; Wrist Grab; Arm Grab; Collar Grab; Grab from behind; Front bear hug; Rear bear hug; Hair Grab; Other Grabs; Front Strangle; Rear Strangle; Biting; Scratching.
Common assaults and the avoidance strategy:-
* Punches: Avoidance and Deflection.
* Kicks: Avoidance and Deflection.
* Thrown objects: Prevention, Avoidance and Deflection.
* Course Review.
* Question and Answer Session.

A certificate of attendance will be produced for each delegate who successfully completes this course.
Additional entry requirements: None


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